Discovery Box Cans 33cl
Discovery Box Cans 33cl

Discovery Box Cans 33cl

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Here it is ! You just found the selection of our brand new cans ! Don't wait to taste them all !



The NEIPA, New England Indian Pale Ale, is a style of IPA brewed using oat. The aim is keepink the floral aspect of the beer adding some sweetness in it to balance the strong bitterness of the style.

Our NEIPA has a deep haze from because of oar and weat we use. On the nose, the beer is clean, with a pronounced aroma intensity of strawberry and tropical fruit. The beer has a rounded medium body. In your mouth, strong flavors of pineapple, more generally tropical fruits and rose hip are.

The experience of the NEIPA South Made !

Alcohol : 5,8% vol.

Ingredients : Water, Malt (Pale Ale , weat, oats, Vienna), Oatmeal, Hop (azacca, citra, galaxy), Yeast


Honey DIPA

Honey DIPA is our limited edition of a Double IPA brewed with more malt and hops than classical IPA and adding local honer. The alcohol is very hight as a traditional Double IPA.

The beer is slightly hazy, with a medium deep straw colour. On the nose, the beer is clean, with a citrusy and floral aroma. Bitterness is hight as an IPA. It's easy to note pronounced flavour of bubblegum, spicies and floral flavour. The finish is very.

The best Double IPA we've ever made !

Alcohol : 9,2% vol.

Ingredients : Water, Malt (Pale Ale , weat), Hop (Centennial, Columbus, Cascade), Local honey, Sugar, Yeast.


Barbe Rousse : 

Barbe Rousse is slightly hazy, with raspberry tint from additions of hibiscus flowers and cramberry mash. On the Nose, the beer has a medium aroma intensity of red berries, like raspberry and cramberry with a slightly malty undertone. The sourness of the beer is medium and balanced woth a verry low bitterness.

A great experience.

Alcohol : 5,8% vol.

Ingredients : Water, Malt (pale ale , weat, cara red), Cramberry mash, Hop (barbe rouge), Hibiscus Flower, Yeast

Violet Stout :

This beer is one of our best product ever made. It's a Violet Stout. The strongness of a stout balanced with the sweetness of the violet. Definitely a great experience. Smelling the beer, we can detect the violet and roasted flavors. On mouth, it's exactly what you are expecting by smelling.

You will love this craft Violet Stout !

Alcohol : 6,4% vol.

Ingredients : Water, Malt (Pale Ale , Munich, Crystal, Black, Chocolate weat), Hop (Target, Challenger, Fruggle), Natural violet flavor, Yeast.