Yes we can

"Yes, we can!

Ever since Blue Coast Brewing Company saw the light of day in 2017, we have talked about canning, but the market in Southern France has not been ready for it. Until now.

I recently brewed four new beers, which were destined for cans from the beginning, as they are not your ordinary mass-produced beer but, for this region, "new" styles. Admittedly, Double IPA (like our Honey DIPA) and New England India Pale Ale (like our NEIPA) have been around for several years in many parts of the world and fruit beer (like our Barbe Rouge, with hibiscus and cranberry purée) is nothing new, but again, it's quite uncommon for this region. The fourth new beer is a stout, flavoured with natural violet extract, named Purple Haze, a beer I brewed as a home brew many years ago and wanted to try out on a bigger scale; although these four new beers are all just available as long as stock lasts (500 L of each) so you better hurry, before we run out!

We will continue to surprise our friends (customers) with new exciting beers, and meanwhile, I dare you to try our latest creations!

Bob The Builder sang "Can we fix it? Yes, we can!", and since I'm Bob The Brewer, I sing "Can we can it? Yes, we can! And will do again!"

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Robert Bush - Blue Coast's brewer

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